About Us

Staffing Agency Software

With 18-plus years of experience in the staffing industry, TempWorks is an industry leader in providing software solutions to staffing agencies around the world. We have developed cost-effective and efficient solutions to help staffing agencies manage everything from payroll processing, payroll funding, and electronic billing to accounts receivable, tax payments and more.

We focus on providing exceptional customer service to our fast-paced and rapidly growing client base. We pride ourselves on providing value-added services to our customers at every turn.

“The key factors for our company increase are obviously experience, hiring the right internal employees and TempWorks. When we started with TempWorks, everything we did was manual. We had very few procedures because we were just too small. Our annual sales in 2010, the year I started JTL, was $1.2 million, that number increased to $4.2 million in 2014, and this year we are projected to hit $8.5 million — a huge increase! TempWorks has not only streamlined our processes, but it has been a key factor in enabling us to grow.”
-James Lowdell, founder and CTO of JTL Solutions